Scholarships 2023/24

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Opening for scholarships aimed at guitar students.

Alhambra Scholarship Program 2023 - 24 



The aim of these scholarships is to encourage the study of the Spanish classical guitar, as a way of contributing to the development of this cultural activity. Therefore, there is nothing better than  doing so by supporting future guitarists.


Alhambra Guitars is aware of the important contribution that can make to the new generations of young guitarists with the announcement of these grants. For this reason, Alhambra Guitars continues investing in young people and adds the necessary efforts to extend the diffusion and  impulse in favour of classical guitar students.


Working for a greater recognition and support of their artistic trajectories has   been and will be one of their greatest commitments. Proof of this is the Alhambra Junior International Guitar Competition, which encourages young people and the support of the winners of the last editions of the Alhambra International  Guitar Competition CIGA and together with other high level  guitarists, they are part of that great "Alhambra Family" that we want to take care of and expand every day.


In this sense and with this purpose, that is to say, with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the effort of young students, Alhambra offers these Scholarships to help them in the study of this great instrument during the course 2023 - 24.

1. Financial help

SCHOLARSHIPS A- For students in Higher Education.

  • A scholarship of 1,000 euros.

SCHOLARSHIPS B- For students who have already taken a first course and continue with their guitar studies

  • Two Scholarships of 500 euros.

SCHOLARSHIPS C- For those who are starting their guitar studies:

  • Five 30% discounts on the purchase of an Alhambra guitar.

2. Beneficiaries

All students who officially enroll in a conservatory, school or official authorized center, public or private, for the 2023 - 2024 academic year to begin or continue their guitar studies will be eligible for this call for Scholarships.

The scholarships will be requested by the student enrolled in guitar studies.

In the case of minors, the Applicant will also be the student beneficiary of the aid, in which case the documentation of the father/mother, guardian, will be required for the appropriate legal purposes.

Only one scholarship per person can be requested.

3. Completion and Submission of the Application

The completion and presentation of the application will be carried out exclusively through the computer platform enabled for this purpose and which can be accessed from the portal:

Registration form

No other type of documentation will be accepted by other written or digital means.

To do this, the following data and documentation will have to be provided:

3.1.On the part of the Applicant:

A- Personal data:

  • Official identification document of the Applicant. In the case of a minor, the legal representative or guardian.

B- Academic data:

  • For students who opt for the A and B scholarship modality: List of subjects and marks got in 2023 - 2024.

4. Award criteria

Modality A, B and C. The guitars and the grants will be awarded by means of a draw. Scholarship recipients will have to provide proof of registration for the next course.

Likewise, a waiting list will be created so that, in the event of withdrawals among the Scholarship Applicants, they can be replaced by other Applicants who have not previously received the Scholarship.

5. Obligations of the beneficiaries

Once the award resolution has been received by email, the scholarship recipients must:

a) Provide the necessary documentation to pay the scholarship or the shipment of the guitar.
b) Carry out the studies for which the scholarship was requested, providing proof of registration.
c) Participate and collaborate in those acts and events that are organized from Alhambra for the diffusion and communication of this program.

Failure to comply with any of these obligations will result in the loss of the scholarship granted.

6. Deadlines for submission, resolution and acceptance

The deadline for the introduction of applications by the Applicants will begin with the publication of the call on the website:

and will close on October 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

The Provisional Resolution will be published no later than November 15, 2023, granting a period of 10 business days for possible claims, which must be suitably substantiated and justified. Claims due to failure to submit documentation by applicants will not be entertained.

The final resolution will take place no later than November 15, 2023.

The Resolutions will be verified on the same digital platform in which the applications have been entered and which can be accessed through:

In addition, applicants who have been granted a scholarship will be notified by e-mail.

Alhambra Guitars Foundation is pleased to announce the results of the International Alhambra Scholarships 2023 / 24

Our main objective is to promote the study of the classical guitar and there is nothing better than doing so by supporting future generations of guitarists.

Alhambra Guitars Foundation continues its commitment to young people and adds the necessary efforts to extend the diffusion and impulse in favour of classical guitar students.

Below is the list of those who have been awarded the scholarship.

Congratulations to all of you for having participated and next year there will be a new opportunity.

Alhambra Guitars Foundation




Iulia Elena Lica



Cecilia Moreno


Úbeda España

Celestin Boisdron



Estela Mayo Llorente


Palencia España

Erik Cortés Barbarroja


Valencia España

Natalia Sánchez

C Getafe España

Bhavya Duarah

C India

Kanjana Kaewjai

C Tailandia