The purpose of the Alhambra Guitarras Foundation is to promote, promote and disseminate the guitar in its different aspects, classical, flamenco, traditional and acoustic, throughout the world.

The purposes of the Foundation are:

        a) Spread the world of the Spanish guitar through performers and composers of works intended for the guitar.

        b) Enhance the prestige and good name of the guitar in its musical work.

        c) Disseminate the work of various composers, placing special interest in promoting the activity of new musical values.

        d) The dissemination of musical heritage around the guitar.

        e) Enrich the phonographic, audiovisual and material heritage of the world of the guitar.

        f) Musical training and education in relation to the Spanish guitar, especially among children, young people and particularly vulnerable groups.

        g) The social promotion of vulnerable groups through music in general, and the world of Spanish guitar in particular.

        h) Spread and protect Spanish artisanal construction and lutheria.

        i) Promote the scientific study of the construction of the guitar for its evolution in its future.

        j) Promote and contribute to the cultural public service of excellence.

        k) Promote that the guitar is intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

        l) Any other purposes not mentioned and that cooperate with the achievement of the founding object and the promotion and dissemination of the guitar and any of its variants whose origin is Spanish.

To achieve its purposes, the Foundation will carry out the following activities:

        a) The direction, management and organization of national and international competitions and promotion of young guitar players, such as the organization of the Alhambra International Guitar Competition (CIGA), the Alhambra International Guitar Competition for Young People (CIGA Junior) , as well as any other contest, competition or festival already existing or newly created, either alone or in collaboration with other entities.

        b) The granting of scholarships, aid and promotion for students, performers and composers of works for Spanish guitar, in order to help them in their musical career and promote the study of the guitar, as a way of contributing to the development of this cultural activity.

        c) The holding and promotion of concerts and promotional performances related to the Spanish guitar, which contribute to the dissemination of the musical activity of the Foundation and which reinforce its social purpose.

        d) Programming of workshops, conferences, exhibitions and public activities in order to encourage young generations of guitarists to study the Spanish guitar, hoping that it will serve as an impetus and stimulus to continue deepening their artistic careers.

        e) Activities that contribute both jointly and individually to the promotion of the guitar as intangible heritage of humanity.

        f) Without prejudice to carrying out any other activities that the Board of Trustees considers appropriate for the best fulfillment of the purposes.