Composer Lorenzo Palomo dies

The Alhambra Guitarras Foundation, upon news of the death of the composer Lorenzo Palomo, wants to join in the condolences and convey its most sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

Lorenzo Palomo is one of our most international composers. His music has traveled around the world carrying his personal stamp based on a perfect composition technique and excellent musical inspiration.

The guitar music that he composed will remain as one of the richest musical heritages for our instrument. The "Granada Symphony", the "Andalusian Nocturnes"... and so many sublime works that represent the pinnacle of current Spanish guitar.

Manchego because of his birth and Córdoba in his heart, his "Nocturno de Córdoba" is the work that undoubtedly reflects a good part of his feeling for a land that saw him grow personally and musically and that he always had present in his creative corpus.

He has been the best Spanish creative voice of recent decades.

We had the privilege of having him as a jury at the 2022 CIGA, the year in which his commissioned work was presented: "El manantial", for that edition of the Competition.

The recording of that work will soon be released on the next Naxos CD recorded by the winner of the First Prize in the Contest. Without any doubt it will be an occasion to remember him and pay a well-deserved tribute to his extremely high contribution to the Spanish guitar.

He was a vital, enthusiastic and unbeatable person.

Rest in peace.